Monday, June 7, 2010

MORE Free Cards from Shutterfly

Cards from my Chicago Series of photographs

Recently, I have really started a nice collection of photo cards from Shutterfly. Doesn't it seem like each month there has been SOME sort of promo code for 3 Free cards? I think I am up to about twelve now.

It's awesome!

I love cards...but I refuse to pay ridiculously high prices for them in the store. With the free cards, you do have to pay shipping and tax, which comes to $1.06 here in Indiana. For my twelve, it has cost $4.24, the price of one card at the drug store. Normal price? $29.88. GADS! Plus, writing a few words of your own, in a card designed by you, will ALWAYS trump someone's sappy poem in my book. Always.

Until June 10th, you can your get your three 5 x 7 designed cards for free by using the code: CARDS4DAD. Make your Father's Day cards, birthday Cards, blank photo cards (my favorite because I can use them at any occasion), whatever you want...just get them.

Not only does having cards on hand save you money throughout the year, it will brighten someone's day when you send them. I mean, we all know how it feels to check the mail, sort through all of the junk...and then there, peeking out from under the newspaper is an actual, for real, hand-written-letter. I know, right?

Go order your cards. *wink*

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