Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheapo at the Dollar General

For the past five years, I have lived ONE block away from the Dollar General. block...walk down the road, step over the railroad tracks and BINGO, you are there. I walk down there maybe once a month - just to pick up a last minute item or this and that. It wasn't always my first choice in shopping venues, mainly because I didn't know their coupon policy. I knew they took newspaper coupons, but once tried an internet printable (IP) and they said they didn't accept them. know how that goes...FORGET YOU!

But...guess what? Recently (April) their corporate policy has changed and they now accept all sorts of coupons. Whoopeee for me!

Guess where I went today?

  • 4 Snuggle 40 ct. sheets: $8.00 - (4x) $.75 Snuggle Sunday Q's = $5.00 for four
  • 3 Pedigree Dentastix: $6.00 - (3x) $2.00 Sunday Q's = 3 FREE
  • 3 Carefree Liners: $3.00 - (3x) $1.00 Sunday Q's = 3 FREE
  • 12 pk Cascade Action Tabs: $3.00 - $1.00 Mailer = $2.00
  • 4 Reg. Size Suave Deo: $7.00 - (2x) $3.00/2 Printable Q = $1.00 for four
  • Suave small Deo: $1.00 - $.75 Sunday Q = $.25
Total: $28.00
- Coupons: $19.75
Grand Total: $8.25 + $1.98 tax = $10.23

Have you found any Dollar General deals lately? Link up with a comment. *wink*

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Frugal Friend said...

Ok, not about Dollar Generals. but I just wanted to let you know I linked your post about getting coupons from your aunt's gas station on my blog:

New here and looking forward to your site's facelift!