Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pan Envy: Part 2

Are you a Pan Peeker?

You just HAVE to open the lid while rice is cooking. You just HAVE to open the oven to check on cookies. You just HAVE to take one, tiny, itsy-bitsy, little peek at that cheesecake knowing darn well it could fall at any minute?

Yeah. Me too.

But guess newest little Calphalon 2.5 qt. shallow sauce pan comes with...wait for it...a GLASS LID! Okay, I understand that this is NOT some new invention; glass lids have been around for years. Although, I, Me, M
yself have never had one
(I first talked about this little guy HERE.)

Look! No more Pan Peeking! Rice can just bubble and boil away without any disturbance at all...and can turn out like this. Can you say "YUM?"

What's so good about this pan, you ask?
  • Even though it's shallow, it still holds 2.5 qts.
  • You can use it to boil items or use it as a saucepan (because of it's width)
  • As with all Calphalon, it's easy peasy to clean
  • It distributes heat extremely well. Take a look at this picture to the left. See how even the boiling is? Would you believe this is on HIGH heat? My other pans would have boiled right over the top. This one did not. Impressive.
What don't I don't like?
  • So far, nothing in particular that I have noticed. My two usual Calphalon complaints: they are rather heavy (for those of you with hand/wrist problems) and they scratch easily (I store mine with thin towels in between.)
Calphalon pans are not exactly what I would call "frugal" cookware. Many can run a few hundred dollars each. *pass out* Though, start by finding the $40 (and under) little gems to supplement what you already have. Believe it or not, nice cookware does help you to obtain mad cooking skillz.*

*For those of you who are kitchen disasters, the said cookware does not perform miracles.
Just sayin'.

Honest Blogger Found Here: CSN Stores is providing me with product to adequately facilitate an honest review. 100% My opinion - as always.

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