Monday, June 28, 2010

Thrifty Tip Tuesday: Free-lanthropy

What comes around, goes around.

Give and you shall receive.

Treat other people as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Whatever explanation you choose, everything points back to "giving."

You may be asking, "Whaatt? THAT is today's Thrifty Tip? How does giving make you thrifty?"

I don't know. It just does. Maybe I'm just lucky?

It. Never. Fails. Every single time I give items away, it comes back to me in one form or another! I gave toothpaste away, I received two free that week. I donate a bag of food to the pantry, someone brings us dinner. I gave non perishables and cereal to a youth food drive; that same week, my friend brought me cereal and a freezer full of frozen pancakes that her son won't eat anymore.

It's SO obvious...and it all seems to work.

Just last Friday, my husband came home with a pork shoulder, a few pounds of pork chops, neck bones and beef short ribs! A woman in his office was clearing her freezer of meat she had raised and butchered. How generous was that?!? And talk about thrifty? Guess who doesn't have to spend grocery money on meat today?

*raises hand*

By living a rather frugal lifestyle, I have several goals in mind. My main goal is to help myself [and others] save money on everyday items and activities in order to give back to their families and charities without affecting their budget.

I call this "Free-lanthropy."

So many people out there feel like they can't "afford" to give...but if you get items for free or very little can't afford NOT to give!

Sift through your stockpiles and pull out your extra food - won't you help someone today? Don't be surprised when it comes right back to YOU!

***Added: Could there be more perfect timing? When I came into work this morning, guess what was waiting for me? An entire container of freshly caught & cleaned Blue Gill! Guess what's for dinner tonight?***


~michelle pendergrass said...

I recognize some of that stuff. LOL

I like "free-lanthropy" You need to get a blog badge made with that on it!! :)

Toni said...

Haha - YES!

I am way ahead of you...just waiting for the new blog re-design. :)