Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: What's on Your Plate?

"Hey Cheapo! What's on YOUR plate this week?"

Since last week was a little crazy, we didn't quite stick to the whole menu plan. The good news is I can just use those meals for this week, which lessens the amounts I need to buy at the store! With triple couponing and the truckload sale, we're rather good to go!

Monday - Chicken Paprikash, Noodles, Vegeta
ble Mix
Tuesday - Sausage Pizza, salad
Wednesday - Grilled ham & cheese, vegetable soup
Thursday - Sausage & Sauerkraut, crescent rolls, salad (this day has to be easy as it's my card making day with Michelle)
Friday - Pork Cutlets, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Fried Apples
Saturday - Ham & Cheese Quiche, Fruit salad
Sunday - Buff Nuggs, Mac & Cheese, Steamed Cabbage

For the local's how my triple coupon day went!

The original total was $24.57 and McFrug turned in $12.45 in coupons.
I got all of this for $12.12

I ended up having coupons for everything except the sour cream (on sale for $1.89) and the Krakow ham (on sale $2.98 lb). Though, I needed those two items for dinner tonight.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's dealios and keep on clippin' those q's! *wink*

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