Monday, June 1, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Cheapo's Challenge!!

This week's Tackle It Tuesday project is going to be a little different, because I need YOUR help! Why not participate in "Cheapo's Challenge?"

Let me explain.

Almost five years ago, we bought this:
(Okay, so it's a snowy, cold picture - I couldn't find the nice sunny one, but you get the "drift")

Next year, the house will be 100 years old. Now, for those of you who are crazy love the charm enough to purchase a home such as this, you quickly realize how long it takes for any sort of renovation, repairs or just general upkeep. Though, I have high hopes to someday finish repairing the last plaster crack before the first one repaired cracks again. Ooops...crud...that dream has already vanished. Anyway...

One of my favorite places in this house is the enclosed front porch. Mornings are spent here reading books; listening to bees flit throughout the hedge blooms. Afternoons are spent napping doing school or enjoying summer meals. Evenings consist of good drinks conversation and many laughs. Of course, it originally was not enclosed and it is not sealed well enough to enjoy in the winter (unless it's REALLY sunny and not too awful cold outside - then it's like a greenhouse.)

Though, one thing always bothers me - I dont' know how to decorate it. I once read in a magazine that your "outside" areas should be made to feel like you are "inside." That made me think and agree that not every porch needs a rocking chair or green plastic lawn seats. Why not make it feel comfy and homey? This is where I challenge you to share your ideas.

Let's start with a peek:
(If you walk out of the front door and look to your left, you see this)
That chair in the front usually isn't there - I was trying to move some things around.

(If you look to your right, you see this)
Nice, pretty comfy, but very plain.

What can YOU suggest? Now remember whose blog you are reading. It can't be anything that would cost an arm and a leg - because I don't have any of those to spare. I'm not opposed to anything semi-homemade either.

Here are a few random notes to go on:
  • For now, the carpet has to stay, even though it's sun faded.
  • We have already decided to replace the ceiling fans with bigger, indoor/outdoor ones (it HAS to have fans out there.)
  • The window shades are nice and still in good condition, but i would love to have some sort of fabric at the top to finish and give good color - just not looking for balloon valences, ya know?
  • I'm not a real "themey" kind of person - doing it all in Florida Beach Puke just wouldn't be right.
  • I LOVE fun, vintage type fabric.
I'll stop here.
Are you a decorator or have a decorator's eye? Can you share a link or picture? Please help me with this Tackle! :)

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Danielle said...

Sorry I am not a decorator! I have to say I love, love, porches like this! They are so cozy. I would love to have a big porch like this. Check out my Tackle It Tuesday here.

Mrs. Cline said...

Unfortunately, I am not a decorator either. I think your porch looks absolutely divine, and I would love to enjoy conversation with you sometime!

Do you like Birds/BirdHouses? I've seen some cool vintage ones around.

When you figure out your plan, let me know and I'll keep an eye out for some vintage goodies!

Bonnie said...

Check out Sarah's blog...In The Midst of It. Wait, I'll see if I can find the link..

She redid her porch with very little expense and some furniture off of looks great.

Lenore said...

What jumps out at me is that you need some plants. I think some hanging spider plants, for instance, would add much to your porch. I think your porch looks very cozy. The plants would bridge the outdoor/indoor that an enclosed porch is.

Tanya said...

I checked out the inthemidstofit blog and think you should definitely go with a little "kid corner". I can just see McFrug Jr sitting out there playing checkers with a friend! I'm never there during warm weather, so I hardly know your porch, but what a fun project! Good luck!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I might need to come in person to give my ideas! : ) So beautiful!


~michelle pendergrass said...

Hey now. My Florida Beach puke bathroom takes offense to your dislike of themey things. As does my sunflower house. LOL

I think it needs a warm color and more parrots. We'll do Mexico beach puke.

Corrin said...

Wonderful house. I love to decorate. I'd totally help you make a little retreat.