Monday, June 22, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Kouponing with Kroger

Before I even start this week's shopping post, I just have to tell you about a past Kroger shopping trip. I never got to blog this and give it full credit like I had intended. Though, instead, here is the end result.

Most items were on sale and had a coupon - others were just on sale.

During the week of June 10th, Kroger had Lysol products on sale for 50% off - costs ranging from $1.49 to $1.88 per item. I had double coupons for all of them, making each cleaner $.49, $.59 or $.88 each. There were three more but I gave those to my mother. I heart Mom.

I won't even discuss the fight the bleach cleaner had with the cargo space in my mini-van. The van lost and I now need to buy a custom rubber mat for the back. But hey, I DID save $1.00 on that bleach cleaner. Don't kill my buzz, okay?

On second look at the picture above, I guess that means I have to actually USE that stuff, right?
*rethinking the situation here*

Before sales, coupons & discounts, my grand total was: $142.82

I paid: *this deserves more than a drumr
oll* $46.17

After a week off of blogging and most everything else in my life (and trying to get my ankle healed which I'm now almost certain I might have fractured), I finally went grocery shopping!

First of all, it was Triple Coupon day at the local Five Star (I just had a Freudian slip and typed "Loco", which suits this particular groc sh
op actually. I'm almost certain I saw the Uni bomber there once and another time, a lady was having a discussion with a cabbage and some deli meat. Yup. Loco.)

Total: $30.27 - $8.20 in coupons = $22.07

Roast: $1.99 lb. Will grind this myself into ground sirloin.

Pillsbury Brownie Mix: $1.50 - $1.05 Sunday Q = $.45

Hot dogs: $1.98 for 2 - $1.00 on 2 Sunday Q = $.98 for 2

2 boxes Pop Secret: Clearanced for $1.29 each - $1.50 Sunday Q = $1.08 for 2

Mini Chocolate Cakes: $2.00 - $1.50 Sunday Q = $.50

Dog food: Clearanced for $.50 per can. I don't usually buy wet food, but it's a treat every now and then - especially low priced or FREE!

12 Yoplait Yogurts: $6.00 - 2 Sunday Q's $2.40 = $3.60 for 12

Super Pretzel: $2.00 - $.75 Sunday Q = $1.25

My next shop stop was supposed to be Kroger. Though, McFrug Jr. and I decided to make a quicky trip to Walmart to buy a Waffle Maker. I quickly noticed that many of the items I had planned on getting at Kroger, were CHEAPER at Walmart! So, after we checked out with the new machine, we revisited the car to grab more cloth bags and coupons. Back in we went! I had to be careful NOT to spend the coupons that would double at Kroger.

Here's what I bought at Walmart that I was supposed to get at Kroger.

2 Cheerios: $4.00 - $1.00 Sunday Q = $3.00 for 2

Peter Pan: $2.00 - $1.00 Mailer Q (offer is over) = $1.00

McCormick Pepper & Onion Grinders: $2.00 for 2 - $1.50 2 Sunday Q's = $.50 for 2

2 Starbucks Ice Creams: $5.00 - 2 $1.50 printables = $2.00 for 2

Haagen Dazs mini ice creams: $6.00 - 2 Save $1.00 on 3 Printables = $4.00 for 6
(We ate 3 on the way home - Hey, the spoon is included in the lid!)

8 Mac & Cheese: $4.00 - 2 Buy 3 get 1 free Printables = $3.00 for 8

Velveeta & Easy Mac Cups: $.98 each and $.88 each. I had various coupons from the past Kraft printable promotions. Also, in this month's issue of Parents Magazine (free for 2 years!), there was a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Easy Mac.

Subtotal: $33.22
My Total: $18.86 *can't help but giggle*

Finally off to Kroger.

This day ended up MUCH longer than expected - especially since I had one heck of a morning with some lost keys and stuff - along with having to drive my husband's work car in which the AC is broke and it was like 1,000 degrees. This would be the reason why this measley shopping trip has turned itself into a Tackle It Tuesday - anyway, must. get. deals.

Total before sales, coupons and discounts: $64.26

My total: $30.79
*giggling again*

1/2 gal. Chocolate Milk: $.99

Hot Dog Buns: $1.00

2 Whole Wheat English Muffins: $2.00

2 Oscar Meyer Bolognas: $2.00 - $1.00 on 2 Sunday Q = $1.00 for 2 lbs.

Half & Half: $.89

Vanilla Creamer: $1.97
(Husband says this is very comparable to Coffeemate!)

2 Kroger Frozen Veggies: $2.00 for 2

Softsoap: $1.00 - $.40 printable X2 = $.20
(there is a printable somewhere for $.40, I can't find it now)

Gal. Milk: $1.88

Syrup: $1.86

3 Bounty Towels: $3.00 - 3 $.25 Sunday Q's X2 = $1.50 for 3

3 Chef Boyardee: $3.00 - $.35 Mailer X2 = $2.30 for 3

3 Chiquita Apple Bites: $3.00
(need things like this for son's summer camp lunches this week)

3 Horizon Organic Milks: $3.00 - $1.00 on 3 Q scammed from another product in store = $2.00 for 3

Vidalia Onions: $.58 lb.

Kroger Fruit Snacks: $1.00

McCormick Chicken seasoning grinder: $1.00 - $.50 Sunday Q X2 = FREE

Cottage Cheese: $1.00

2 Santa Cruz Organic Lemonades: $3.00 - 2 $.75 printables = $1.50 for 2

4 Sobe Lifewaters: $4.00 - 2 BOGOF Printables = $2.00

Soy Milk: $1.29 Clearanced

Kitten Chow Pouch: $2.09 - $2.19 Sunday Q = Free PLUS $.10
(I don't have a kitten but my lazy fat cat will eat it anyway.)

So, what in the world does all of this REALLY mean?

It means that I'm crazy for driving out in this heat.

It means I'm crazy for going BACK into Walmart to save a few bucks.

And, It means I'm crazy for about spending $71.72 on $127.75 worth of groceries.

You betcha. *wink*

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You rock. Totally!

I need to get the paper ordered and start shopping the RIGHT way again!