Thursday, July 23, 2009

52 Weeks of Cheap Winners

Attention BlogHer 09 Attendees!!! Attention Please!!

In celebration of her first trip to BlogHer, Cheapo is hosting a contest!!

During this year's event, she will be handing out business cards in which 52 of them will have a prize ticket attached. If you have not received one yet, please find Cheapo and ask for one! (She's the one with the really cool hat)

Once you receive your ticket, come back here and leave a comment letting her know that you received one. Don't forget to leave your ticket number!

Every week for the next year, Cheapo will pull one ticket. The winner has one week to check her ticket and redeem her prize!

More details to come after BlogHer!!!!

She's OFF!!!


Rachel said...

Hey Toni!! It was great meeting you in person - you were so smart to wear your hat!

My lucky ticket number is 862666 - err, maybe that's not such a lucky number after all. ;)

Mrs. Cline said...

Oh! I got one. But it's in my purse. I'll get back to you on the number...

Sherendipity said...

I'm not eligible, but I had to stop in and tell you what a cool idea this is.