Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christmas Gift Freebie Deebies!

Gift Alert! Gift Alert!

Whether you would like to believe it or not, Christmas is upon us (even though I DISLIKE the fact that I saw holiday trinkets on the store shelves this week - come on already - don't cheapen the season). My belief for Christmas shopping is:
  • Do as much as possible online - with free shipping codes and sale specials
  • Start early, so you can enjoy the holiday season with less stress (ok, I may believe that last one, but every year, I struggle to achieve it - usually because of last minute sales. Have to save a buck, ya know.)
  • Think about "out of the box" gifts. Do you go shopping and all you can focus on is over-priced "entertain me" type toys? (Entertain me toys are referred to as the ones that take batteries and do something when you push a button. After doing that a few times, the parents are either struggling to take the batteries BACK out, or the child is bored with it. NOT money well spent) Instead, how about a trip to the movies? Or to a play? A day trip to a museum? Or maybe a gift certificate to a sports or specialty camp for the summer? Those types of gifts are not only worth giving, but create memories for children that last much longer than another toy that sings "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Though, if you yourself are not going to take the children to the chosen event, please keep the cost for parents in mind. You may give them a gift in which the parents can't go along. Be sure the family can "afford" your gift.
With that being said, now it's time for the Freebie Deebies for BlogHer 09 Attendees! (even if you didn't attend, clearance prices are listed) Did you pop in to the Mom Select Swag Suite at the Sheraton? If so, did you pick up the swag bag from Kindermusik? Inside of that bag was an egg shaker, a music CD AND a $25 gift certificate!
If you take a look at their website, you could probably find a FEW gifts for the said $25! Right now, they are even having Warehouse specials AND a Clearance section!

Don't have any youngsters to buy for this year? That's okay. Don't let the certificate go to waste. Order a few things and donate them. Toys for Tots would LOVE the contributions as would any church with a children's program. Healthy Families, Women & Children's shelters, home daycares, youth clubs - take your pick. You can get free gifts and feel good about donating all at the same time.

The certificate expires at the end of this year, so don't delay in ordering your items.
Have a Freebie Deebie Christmas!


Corrin said...

This will be the second Christmas we've put the stops to. We weren't real popular last year when we said we would not be giving gifts and we would prefer not to receive. We love to visit and celebrate, but we skip the gifts.

Kindermusik Green said...

Thanks for the post, "Cheapo!" We'd love to see some BlogHer folks stopping by the website to pick up some goodies.

Molly at Kindermusik