Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugal Friday: Chummy Recipe \port-'MAN.-toe\: a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms (as chummy from cheap and yummy)

This week's Chummy recipe was sent to Cheapo from Tanya over at Shin-Dig-It! (she's a "newer" blogger with a flair for party themes! Show her some bloggy love!)

The recipe is a Hungarian dish called Chicken Paprikhash. I have not yet tried this recipe, but just look at this picture...

...can anything possibly be wrong with that?!?
We'll be having this yumminess on Sunday.
Photo by Elise at Simply Recipes

The recipe that Tanya sent is from Giant Food stores and can be found here. I won't be redundant and retype it, but I will give you a costing list. Break it down McFrug!

These are the prices that Cheapo has paid for items - mainly after sales and coupons - making this a very Chummy Recipe.

1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken - $1.79
salt & pepper - pennies
1 T. oil - $.05
1 c. chopped onion - $.50
1 clove garlic, crushed - pennies
1 oz. ham - $.16
2 tsp. paprika - pennies if you use the cheap stuff
1 c. chicken broth ' $.25
4 T sour cream - $.35
1 T flour - pennies
8 oz. noodles - $.17

4 servings = $.82 per serving! (maybe less than $.90 if you add the pennies too)

If you make this recipe, come back and let Cheapo know how you liked it!

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